The Band Concert

Mickey’s orchestra is in performing a concert at the park. As the film opens they are being applauded for having just played music from Zampa. They next begin Rossini’s William Tell overture. Mickey is first disturbed by Peter Pig’s vibrato trumpet playing and Paddy Pigs tuba playing Prelude: Dawn. Later Donald Duck appears rolling a vendor cart through the audience selling lemonade, popcorn, and ice cream. Donald’s voice disturbs Mickey as he can be heard over the music. Donald then pulls out a small flute and hops up on stage uninvited. As the band is still playing the “Finale” segment, Donald begins playing “Turkey in the Straw” at the same tempo as the band. The entire band, seemingly unaware of themselves, begin to play Donald’s song instead of the prepared music. Mickey angrily breaks Donald’s flute, but he only produces another from his clothing. This continues for a while until it is discovered that Donald is carrying dozens of hidden flutes, some of which he seems to pull from thin air. After Donald has been kicked off stage, a bee comes along and harasses him. Donald fights the bee off and it goes on to bother the already agitated Mickey. Mickey’s swatting of the bee is taken as a cue from the orchestra. Donald later throws ice cream at the bee which catches Mickey in the crossfire. As Mickey plays Ranz des Vaches, Horace Horsecollar tries to kill the bee with a hammer but hits Goofy on the head and he is seen headless. Finally as Horace takes off his coat the band comes to the “Storm” segment of the overture which summons an actual tornado, prompting the audience and Donald to run for their lives. It sucks up everything in its path, even the pavilion on which the band is playing. But they are so used to distractions by this point that they continue to play from inside it. As it passes, they (except Horace and Mickey) are thrown into a tree and the overture comes to its natural conclusion. Yet by this time the only remaining audience member is Donald Duck who applauds enthusiastically. He then produces one last flute and plays “Turkey in the Straw” again, but the band members throw their instruments at him.