Dino Disappears

Fred mistakenly forgets Dino’s birthday, but gets gifts for Pebbles. Dino gets jealous and Fred drags Dino outside. The next day, Dino is missing. The Flintstones start crying when Dino means so much to them because he disappeared. Even Barney comes in and starts crying. Fred and Barney search for Dino, and they think he’s been kidnapped by a man and according to the man, his name is “Rocky” and he is a stunt/dancing animal and they plan to get him back. Later at night, Fred and Barney takes “Rocky” and are chased by cops and they wind up in court and the real Dino pops up in court while being chased by dogcatchers and everything is back to normal, except Fred has to stay in Dino’s doghouse after saying he’ll sleep in his doghouse for a week if that Dino was not The Flintstones’ right pet.