Don Donald

Don Donald rides over to Donna’s place on a donkey that drives him nuts. He entertains Donna (later known as Daisy)… until she hops on to the donkey for a little ride and gets thrown off its back into a fountain. She then rejects Donald and smashes the guitar over his head. Donald then trades in the donkey for a hot new car. He offers Donna a ride in it, and she reluctantly accepts. They then drive by the trading post and heckle at the donkey, who gives chase to them as they speed across the desert until the car breaks down. When Donald tries to fix the car it runs out of control, runs him over, and sending Donna skidding across a giant mud puddle. She then rejects Donald ultimately and rides back home on a unicycle that she pulls out of her purse. An angry Donald blames the car for his demise and throws the car horn at it. The car’s radiator explodes sending water flying and landing within the brim of Donald’s sombrero where it shrinks the hat down to the size of baseball. The donkey, which has watched everything happen, gets the last laugh at a beaten and defeated Donald as the cartoon comes to a close.