Flintstone And The Lion

On a fishing trip, Fred finds what he thinks is a kitten. He takes this animal home as a pet and it grows into a lion who eats the Flintstones out of house and home. One day, Wilma tells Fred that the lion needs to go, and he tries a couple of ways to get the lion a new home, but his plans backfire. Fred’s last chance is calling the city zoo to pick the lion up, but four of the zoo curators think that the lion is dangerous. They fire their guns at Fred and they bring out a female lion and the Flintstones’ lion immediately falls in love with her and is sent to the zoo. One night, the lion re-appears with his wife and four kids in the Flintstones’ home, parked in front of the T.V. and Wilma tells Fred to call the zoo in the morning.