Fred Goes Ape

With three television sets in the Flintstones’ house, things seem to be perfect until Fred’s allergies cause him to sneeze a hole in his television set, breaking the picture tube. Fred then takes medicine pills called “Scram” from a store which turns him into an ape two times at a restaurant and at home and only Barney notices this situation with Fred twice at the restaurant and at home. The next day, the families visit the zoo. Fred takes a “scram” pill and is turned into the ape for the third time. Fred is chased by a police officer around the zoo thinking he’s a real ape while walking Pebbles and he shoots a tranquilizer at the ape Fred and puts him in a cage with Annie the Ape. When Fred is turned back into his human self and awake, he is chased by Annie around in her zoo cage while five men watches them from the cage and Bamm-Bamm sets him free. Later at home at night, Barney and Fred play checkers and Barney catches Fred’s cold. He takes Fred’s “scram” pill and then he turns into an ape too and walks back home and Fred tells Wilma that Barney has turned into a ape and she doesn’t believe him.