Circus hijinks as Jerry hides from Tom in the big top, disguised as a clown. When the little mouse pulls a nail out of an elephant’s foot, the grateful pachyderm falls in love with Jerry and will do anything for him- including beating the pulp out of Tom. Tom, still in pursuit, uses a variety of tricks to get at Jerry, but the elephant is there at every turn, squashing Tom. But Tom is not to be discouraged and chases Jerry along the high wire. But the elephant is right behind (with a menacing look on his face). The elephant gets on the wire, and it slides down to the ground, but when he gets off, Tom is catapulted into space. Tom tries to get Jerry on the high dive, but the elephant drinks all of the water, and Tom falls right through the bucket down into hell- where the Devil kicks him out back into the real world. In the parade at the end, Tom sets up some TNT to blow the elephant up when he steps on the plunger. The only problem is that the TNT falls into Tom’s manhole- and he blows up instead.