Matinee Mouse

This “wraparound” cartoon uses sequences from vintage Hanna and Barbera-era Tom and Jerry in a story that has the cat and mouse at the movies, watching their earlier escapades. This late entry has a definite retro look to it as it opens with the traditional Tom and Jerry chase… only they seem to be stuck on stupid, and they run head-on into everything from fences and birdbaths to walls. Both beaten up, they each wave a truce flag and decide to go to the movie theater, where they watch (what else?) a Tom and Jerry cartoon. Soon, Tom is laughing hysterically at the jokes that he played on Jerry. Then Jerry laughs hysterically at the retaliations, which Tom doesn’t find very amusing. Before long, they’ve torn up their truce flags. Egged on by the antics on screen, they slam each other around in the theater seats until the Tom and Jerry on screen stop to watch their counterparts in the audience.