Mickey’s Trailer

Mickey, Donald and Goofy are taking a cross-country trip in a trailer. While Mickey prepares breakfast, Donald takes his bath and Goofy drives. It’s time for breakfast and Goofy rushes to eat without stopping the car. The enter a restricted area. Horrified, Goofy rushes to the driver’s seat and accidentally disconnects the car and the trailer having Mickey and Donald go down a pathway willy nilly and nearly killed several times. Eventually the reconnect with the car and are safe but the clumsy Goof never notices. The movie starts at what seems like a small house in a natural setting. Mickey walks out the door and says, “Oh boy! What a day!” Then, he pulls a lever and walks inside. The house is converted into a trailer (with the natural setting in the shape of a giant hand fan revealed to be a city dump) and Goofy’s car is released from the side. Then, Goofy starts driving through the countryside while Mickey makes breakfast (corn on the cob, baked potatoes, watermelon, coffee, and milk). Meanwhile, Donald can’t wake up, even when his alarm clock rings and pulls off his blanket. Thanks to a secret controlboard, Mickey manages to rouse him for a machine-assisted bath. Later, the bath is converted into a dining area. When Mickey rings the dinner bell, Goofy foolishly leaves the driver’s seat – while the car and trailer are still in motion and without stopping – for breakfast. After several mishaps during the meal, Goofy notices that no one is in the driver’s seat and accidentally and unknowingly unhitches the trailer in his panic to resume driving and goes on his way. The trailer rolls downhill on an epic runaway adventure, nearly crashing into a truck and two trains and is a wreck on the inside (but okay on the outside) by the time it’s miraculously rehitched to the car. Unaware of the dramatic events, Goofy says in the end, “Well, I brought you down, safe and sound.”