Peek-a-Boo Camera

Fred, Barney, Betty, and Wilma all enjoy a television show called Peek-A-Boo Camera. Fred and Barney attend a friend’s bachelor party, telling the wives he is near death and they are seeing him for the last time. The bachelor party winds up being televised for Peek-A-Boo Camera. When Fred and Barney find out, they try to have their scene cut out so their wives don’t see them. (The camera showed them flirting with other women.) The host/producer refuses a “bribe,” saying it’s much too funny to cut. They then go to great lengths to keep the wives and the whole community from viewing the show by pulling down all the roof-top antennas. Although they prevented everyone from watching the show, the following week it has a few scenes of the bachelor party repeated by popular demand. As a result, Fred and Barney are caught on camera, and flee for “their lives”.