Quiet Please!

Spike is trying to take a beauty rest, a nap, when suddenly, Tom is driving him nuts with all the noise. He warns him that if he hears another sound, Tom will get skinned alive. Tom does all that he can to stop all the noise from getting to him. Meanwhile, Jerry wants to have some fun by making all the noise that he can. When Jerry throws down some light bulbs, Tom tries to catch them, but, after he gets electrocuted, they all fall, almost waking Spike up. Tom has a good idea of how to get Spike back to sleep…for good! With liquified knock-out drops, Spike would still be asleep even if he heard all the noise. However, when Tom wants to remove the bomb from under Spike, it explodes, waking him up with a startle. Sure enough, Tom is skinned alive, and is forced to rock Spike to sleep while Jerry attaches a sign saying “Do Not Disturb.”