The Scarlet Pinkernel

The Pink Panther is strolling along in front of a bookstore. He sees a book in the window about the Scarlet Pinkernel, and he decides to become a superhero. Dressed as the champion of justice, the Pink Panther rescues stray dogs on the run from dogcatchers. The Pink Panther releases a little dog from the dogcatcher’s truck. The little fellow is so vicious, the Pink Panther realizes that he has a real problem. The next one he gets out is so big and friendly that the Pink Panther is overpowered with attention. All the while, the Pink Panther is battling with the pesky dogcatcher. Soon, he learns (the hard way) why the city has a dog pound. When he meets up with a big bulldog that has no interest in superheroes, he has trouble escaping.