The Buffalo Convention

Fred, Barney, and the other members of the Loyal Order of Water Buffaloes are informed that they’ll be going to Frantic City for a convention for three days — without the wives. Their wives are lulled into agreement by a phony “doctor” (in actuality, a plumber who belongs to the lodge) who convinces them that their husbands need an out-of-town break for a few days. Meanwhile, Fred buys a talking dodo bird named Doozy for Wilma. Naturally, once the boys leave, Doozy informs Wilma about the husbands’ entire plan, so Wilma and Betty and the other water Buffalo wives follow them to Frantic City. Once Wilma and Betty and the other wives see the beauties that have exited the cake, the beauties are attacked by the wives and are chased out of the convention hall by them. When Fred and Barney are chosen to open the cake, they are unpleasantly surprised to find two very familiar, raging-mad women awaiting them!