The Gravelberry Pie King

After Gazoo gets Fred to see his boss for a list of demands from him and his co-workers, Mr. Slate fires Fred to meet the demands of the other workers. Fred then hangs out at the park and meets a unemployed man who thinks it’s the best pie he’s ever had. Other guys taste it, including P.J. Safestone of Safestone supermarkets (which is the parody of Safeway Supermarkets). Safestone makes a deal with Fred to bake 50 pies, then 500 pies, but later Fred discovers that the pies are cheaper than the cost to make them. When Fred tries to make a better deal, Safestone refuses, and Fred is stuck with 500 pies. He tries to sell them to no avail. Wilma then convinced Mr. Safestone to take the pies at a price where everyone can make money. She also goes to the quarry and convinces Boss Slate to reinstate Fred back to the gravel pit (how Wilma found out Fred lost his job is unknown).