The Great Gazoo

Wilma and Betty want to go out to eat and drink at a very expensive restaurant, while Fred and Barney claim they cannot afford it. Soon after, a little green man from space lands on earth and is discovered by Fred and Barney. The name of the space man is The Great Gazoo (voiced by Harvey Korman), and he vows to serve Fred and Barney until he could be brought back to his planet. Only Fred and Barney can see or hear Gazoo because they found him. Pebbles, Bamm Bamm, Dino, and Hoppy see and hear Gazoo because they understand things like that. Gazoo promises to give Fred and Barney some money for the dinner date to that expensive restaurant, but when the bill arrives, Gazoo is nowhere to be found, leaving Fred and Barney to wash the dishes at the restaurant and as they go back home, a tired Gazoo pops up and Fred and Barney wants him to count on them and as Fred walks inside the house, he sits on the couch with Wilma and Gazoo works his magic on them without them finding out.