Trombone Truble

Pete is spending the night playing his trombone. The gods Zeus and Hephaestus (aka Jupiter and Vulcan as they are named in the cartoon, also their Roman names)’ who have a similar appearance to Donald Duck except they wear robes and Vulcan is a bit wider, are brought into view. They are woken by Pete’s trombone playing and decide to think of some way to stop this. Later, Donald has a similar issue. He can’t sleep because of Pete’s trombone playing. He goes to Pete’s house, and tells him off. Pete responds by blowing through the trombone as hard as he can right in Donald’s face, sending Donald back into his house into a wall. Jupiter and Vulcan notice Donald wanting to stop the noise, so Jupiter decides to give him some of his power so he can get rid of Pete. After figuring this out, Donald fires lightning bolts from his hands, makes his hands electric, and does other godlike things and succeeds in getting rid of Pete. Jupiter and Vulcan think that their troubles are now over, and go back to sleep on their cloud. Donald notices Pete’s trombone and decides to play it. Jupiter and Vulcan awake to see that the one whom they helped get rid of Pete is now playing the trombone. They both collapse from exasperation.