The Vanishing Private

Private Donald Duck is at work painting a cannon. Sergeant Pete denounces Donald’s work as substandard and demands that “you are to paint it so that I cannot see it”. While going to the supply depot for more paint, Donald finds an experimental invisble paint and decides to use that to make sure that he follows the letter of Pete’s orders. Pete returns, thinking that Donald somehow stole the cannon only to bump into the invisible cannon. Pete shouts for Donald to show himself, and Donald appears in midair, finishing up the painting. Pete knocks Donald into the bucket of invisble paint, rendering Donald invisible. Donald thinks his invisibility is a chance for freedom, but Pete pursues Donald through a lake and a flower patch. Pete then decides to hunt Donald with grenades, attracting the attention of the General, who thinks Pete has lost his mind attacking imaginary enemies. The General attempts to restrain Pete and get him to exert some self-control, but Pete breaks free and drops a grenade, then the destroyed hats of Pete and the General are seen flying in the air. Pete has been remanded to the brig and is seen bandaged and in a strait jacket. His jailer is Donald, who is now reassigned to guard duty and is once again visible as the invisible paint wore off. Pete grouses with Donald to “go tell the General I ain’t crazy” to which Donald remarks “Are you suggesting I am crazy?”