Watt a Shocking Ghost

In a mountain ski resort The Scooby-Doo Crimestoppers become involved with the mystery of The 10,000-Volt Ghost, who has been sabotaging the local power plant and turning the resort into a ghost town. With the help of a torn letter and a secret tunnel, the gang uncovers and traps The 10,000-Volt Ghost, reducing him to 10 volts in the process. They unmask him to be Voltner, a former power plant employee in league with the town’s corrupt mayor to scare the residents into selling their property dirt-cheap.. A new freeway is planned for the area, and the mayor would profit highly from owning said property. With the villains behind bars and the town’s power perfectly restored, Scooby-Doo injects new meaning into the word “hot dogger” by taking one last ski run down the mountain, only to end up upside down in a tree being pelted by squirrels.