A Chilly Reception

In the Antarctic Ocean, the icebreaker U.S.S. Icepick is busy clearing the sea lanes. As is usual in the tradition of the sea, she carries a mascot- in this instance a large dog who lives in the lap of luxury, and whose every need, covering lodging, food and care, is of the best. The dog mascot’s undisturbed existence is somewhat upset by the arrival of Chilly Willy, who goes aboard the ship when it gets stalled in the ice. Chilly parades before sailors and does some cute little tricks. Someone proposes that Chilly be made the ship’s mascot. The dog, hearing the crew’s remarks, gets up from the solid comfort of his armchair and goes to see what’s causing the commotion. As he arrives on deck, he hears a sailor say to Chilly: “You are our new mascot, boy.” The dog then tries, by every device and trick, to get rid of Chilly, but Chilly’s too smart for the dog. Finally, Chilly is made the mascot, and he now relaxes in supreme comfort in the mascot’s armchair as the dog, tied to the ship’s bow, is seen chipping ice with a small icepick.