A Fine Feathered Frenzy

Woody Woodpecker, seated at a table at a posh restaurant, says, “One cup of coffee, Sam.” Three waiters pick him up and throw him out the front door on his ear. He lands in a trash can filled with newspapers and reads: “Personal. Gorgeous Gal, blonde. Object- Matrimony. Phone- ?” He immediately telephones and receives an invitation to visit. He arrives and sees a most pretentious entrance gate and a magnificent mansion. Woody enters a huge entrance hall and sinks to his neck in carpet. In a very large dining room, he sees a table laden with food. His eyes concentrate on a big, fat, juicy turkey. Drooling, Woody starts for the turkey when a voice says, “Hello, cutie pie.” Standing at the top of an escalator is Gorgeous Gal, a big, fat dowager, heavily jeweled, waving at him. Woody takes one look, turns white and faints. Gorgeous presses a button and starts to descend as Woody revives. Woody presses a reverse button, and up Gorgeous goes again. Up and down she goes several times until Woody presses a “Full Speed” button, and Gorgeous zooms out through a window and into a cloud. Woody heads for the turkey and sits down right in the lap of Gorgeous. From here on, it’s a scramble between Woody and Gorgeous- he trying to eat turkey, and she trying to get Woody. Woody, after many close calls and no turkey, finally escapes and lands on a lonely island at sea. Seated at the base of a palm tree, he sees the turkey going by, jumps for it, and lands on the conning tower of a gold submarine. The turkey disappears inside. Woody follows, stops, and then starts to scram out as he recognizes a familiar sight. The bejeweled arm of Gorgeous yanks Woody inside, and the cover clamps shut.