Back Alley Oproar

Elmer is trying to sleep, but Sylvester comes along and sets up his music stand on the back fence outside Elmer’s window for an all-night serenade. Sylvester starts singing “Figaro,” and when Elmer throws an old pair of shoes at him, Sylvester uses the shoes to stomp out the Second Hungarian Rhapsody on the porch steps. Sylvester sings “Some Sunday Morning,” and when Elmer throws a book, “The Thin Man,” at him, Sylvester throws it back and it says “The Return of the Thin Man.” Elmer starts after the cat, but Sylvester has coated the porch with grease and thumbtacks. Ooh, ouch! Sylvester sings and Fudd chases until Sylvester, cornered, sings Elmer to sleep. Tucking Elmer in, Sylvester wakes him back up again by becoming a one-man band. Elmer gives Sylvester alum-laced milk, which shrinks his voice and head. Finally, Elmer lights a case of dynamite and blows them both up, sending Elmer to restful heaven, where he is soon joined by Sylvester’s singing nine lives.