Cartoons in Wakko’s Body / Noah’s Lark / The Big Kiss / Hiccup

(1.) In a running gag throughout the episode, Wakko has various medical maladies caused by cartoons inside of him. (2.) Noah (who looks and speaks like comedian Richard Lewis) is instructed by God to build an ark for the flood and to gather animals two-by-two, including the Hip Hippos. Buster and Babs Bunny from Tiny Toon Adventures have a cameo in this episode. (3.) Chicken Boo is a leading actor who delivers the money-shot kiss in a movie without anyone knowing he’s a giant chicken. This episode managed to get away with saying the word “sexiest”. (4.) Squit gets a case of the hiccups, forcing the other Goodfeathers to come up with different ways to get rid of them.