Daffy Duck And The Dinosaur

For no particular reason our story is set in the Stone Age- millions and billions and trillions of years ago- probably before any of you people were ever born.

A prehistoric Jack Benny, Casper Caveman, wakes up and sets off in search of breakfast accompanied by his pet brontosaurus, Fido. He spots Daffy swimming in a pond and tries to nail him with a slingshot, but Daffy escapes the rock by posing as a traffic cop and blowing a traffic whistle. Realizing its mistake, the rock comes back after Daffy, but instead hits Fido; the stunned dinosaur dances ballet for a while before passing out. Casper next tries to club a likeness of Daffy painted on a rock, which gives him a case of tremors. The caveman tries to jump in the pond after Daffy, but is stopped by a “No Swimming” sign. Daffy sets up an array of signage directing Casper and Fido toward a duck dinner -? “the most delicious duck ever.” The duck in question turns out to be 50 feet tall (a huge balloon, inflated by Daffy). Daffy hands Casper a knife, and when he sinks it into the inflatable duck, it explodes, sending caveman, duck and dinosaur up to heaven. “Hmm, maybe that wasn’t such a hot idea after all,” muses Daffy on his cloud.