You Don’t Know What You’re Doin’!

A wild, surrealistic trip through the swingin’ nightlife of the big city with a drunken, joyriding Piggy. Wild goings-on with a hot band throughout. Minimal plot with maximum visuals. Piggy takes his girlfriend Fluffy out to see a jazz band. She likes it, but he doesn’t and gives the raspberry to the bandleader and yells, “You don’t know what you’re doin’!” Then he gets up and tries to show him the right way to run a band. Three drunken ducks in the balcony heckle him. He yells back and one of the drunks jumps on stage. He gets Piggy drunk, and all hell breaks loose! They both go outside and attempt to ride home. Everything in the city appears wacked out and surreal! Everything is loopy and wavy… with the building and lampposts coming to life! The final dialogue sums it up: “Whoopee.”