Dopey Dick, the Pink Whale

Woody is shanghaied by sailor Dapper Denver Dooley and enlists his help in capturing Dopey Dick the Pink Whale. In a Moby Dick takeoff, the whaling vessel Peapod sails in pursuit of the whale that bit its captain. It sails without its crew, who leave (along with the rats) upon announcement of its mission, without its crew, that is, except for the captain and accordion-toting Woody. Woody has been trapped, and his pranks are precious little help to the captain. When he orders Woody to “lower the boom,” Woody obliges by cutting the halyard with a pair of scissors, sending the boom onto the captain’s head and out through the bottom of the ship. More incidents follow. Soon, the whale is spotted heading for, of all things, the ship itself. The captain develops a sudden “yellow streak.” Before the ship’s wrecked for good, both whale and Woody make his voyage miserable. At the close, the captain clings to a mast while Dopey Dick tows Woody, on water skis, happily over the horizon.