Easter Yeggs

As Bugs Bunny reads a book on “How to Multiply,” he is interrupted by a crying Easter Bunny who complains of sore feet. Bugs volunteers, “I’ll deliver the Technicolor hen fruit for ya!” Reminded to “keep smiling,” Bugs sings a gooney song, “I’m the Easter Rabbit, Hooray.” His first stop is a mean little kid (so mean that, in one scene, he clicks off a gun in his mouth) who heckles the hare by chanting, “I Wanna Easter Egg, I Wanna Easter Egg.” Returning, Bugs is goaded by the Easter Bunny into one more try. This time, Bugs is greeted by banners and posters welcoming the Easter Bunny. It’s the home of Elmer Fudd, who is hungry for “Easter wabbit stew.” Elmer is disguised as a baby, but Bugs is suspicious. Bugs smashes an egg in Elmer’s hand and takes off. Elmer ambushes Bugs: “I can’t miss with my Dick Twacy hat!” The trap sends Bugs and Elmer through a Tunnel of Love. Bugs performs a magic trick which destroys Elmer’s pocket watch. Fudd gets his gun and chases Bugs. The Easter Bunny puts up a rope to stop Bugs. In a daze, Bugs returns and manages to paint Elmer’s head like an Easter egg for the mean little kid to pound with his hammer. Bugs takes care of the Easter Bunny by lighting a fuse on an explosive egg. Bugs reminds the Easter Bunny: “Keep smiling.”