Everglade Raid

Woody Woodpecker’s in bed reading a paper’s “Business Opportunity” section. His eyes light up as he reads an ad: “Tourists!! Visit the Everglades and make big money in alligator bags.” Strolling through the “Everglade Estates,” Woody passes by an office in a large tree, whose sole occupant is a large, half-starved alligator. Business is really bad, and the alligator’s only thought is of food. Seeing Woody pass by his office door, the alligator envisions a roasted woodpecker and makes plans to trap. Woody comes to a sign- “Walk In”- and in he walks, right into the alligator’s mouth. It being somewhat damp inside the alligator, Woody lights a fire, which causes the alligator to choke and cough Woody right out into the open again. Woody then sees the alligator for the first time, and in his mind’s eye, he sees the number of alligator bags that he could produce. A battle of wits ensues between Woody and the alligator so that he can begin making bags; the alligator wants a good square meal. Various and sundry methods are used by both to accomplish their purpose, but in the end, both Woody and the alligator are frustrated in their efforts, as neither can attain his desired aim.