Fair Weather Fiends

Woody Woodpecker and his very best pal, Wolfie Wolf, are enjoying a pleasure cruise aboard their yacht, the Palsy Walsy, somewhere in the romantic South Seas. Suddenly, a terrible storm sinks their ship at sea and casts them ashore on a tiny, deserted tropical island. When scant food is the order of the day, they each think that the other would make a great dinner. Famished, they dream of roast woodpecker and roast wolf. They begin a chase in their efforts to eat each other. A gooney bird sidetracks their cannibalistic urges temporarily, but they soon revert to numerous tricks and subterfuges, such as Woody’s wooden fish on a trout line to lure Wolfie into a pot of soup, or Wolfie trying to put Woody through a bread slicer while Woody grinds the wolf through a meat grinder. The gooney bird stops the assorted mayhem by donating a tableful of food, but Woody tricks Wolfie into sampling a wolfburger, the meat portion of which is the wolf’s own leg.