Fish And Chips

Smedley, Colonel Blooblud’s faithful watchdog, accepts a package from Little America, Antarctica during the colonel’s absence. Suspecting foul play, Smedley opens it and is delighted to find Chilly Willy, a real live penguin. While Smedley’s getting Chilly a sardine to eat, Chilly steals the colonel’s prize trophy- a stuffed marlin. Horrified to find Chilly putting the marlin through a meat grinder, Smedley glues it back together piece by piece. Carrying the marlin in his arms, Smedley slips on the floor, freshly waxes for this purpose by Chilly. The marlin comes apart as a result of the fall, and Chilly fools Smedley several times in different guises until Smedley becomes disgusted and mails Chilly back to Little America. Returning the much-glued marlin to its place over the mantle, Smedley gets a package in the mail from Chilly in which he discovers the marlin’s sword and tail just as the colonel returns. We iris out on Smedley posing as the marlin on the wall over the mantle.