Fish Hooked

The Oceanland Aquarium features, in its various tanks, the strange and colorful fish from below the ocean’s surface. At the aquarium, the catfish and dogfish are always fighting, and the swordfish are constantly dueling. Feeding time at the large outdoor porpoise tank is an exciting event. Smedley, a dog, is the attendant who’s about to feed the porpoise from a platform high above the tank. He rings a bell and, with a small fish in his hand, leans out over the tank, saying, “Come and get it.” The porpoise jumps out of the tank, grabs the fish and the dog’s arm, and all fall into the tank. In the meantime, Chilly Willy, fishing pole in hand, has been snagging and gulping fish from the tank. Smedley discovers him, says that it’s against the rules, and throws Chilly far out to sea. Unfortunately, Chilly can’t find his fishing pole ’cause of that damn dog Smedley! Smedley keeps holding out fish from the porpoise, and Chilly Willy keeps eating them. Then Smedley gets really mad. Smedley tries to thwart Chilly’s feeding: “I’ve got to slow this boy up.” To catch Chilly, he tries a bat, a fishing pole and other tricks. Finally, he captures Chilly. As Smedley holds Chilly in his hand, he’s tapped on his shoulder by the dogcatcher, who wants to see his dog license. Since Smedley doesn’t have one, he is told to drop Chilly and is taken away in the dogcatcher’s net, violently protesting that he is a talking dog and has a job. The dogcatcher says, “Okay, say something,” and Smedley answers, “BOW-WOW.”