A Fly In The Pink

When an experimental fly escapes from a research lab, it devastates the Pink Panther’s apple crop… and much more! The Pink Panther is relaxing, eating one of his own apples and listening to the radio. An announcement breaks in: a special, dangerous mutation of fruit fly has escaped from the Agriculture Department and is eating every apple in sight. Guess where it ends up- yep, at the Pink Panther’s house! It eats the apple from the Pink Panther’s hand. It eats all the fruit and chases him around. The Panther tries using flypaper to trap the fly. The fly turns on the fan, and all of the flypaper sticks to our hero. The Panther tries Karate, but gets pretty beat up! Finally, he tries an almanac with a picture of an apple in it. When the fly attacks the picture, the Pink Panther closes the book and captures the fly. He puts it in an envelope to send it back to the Agriculture Department, but the fly flies away with mailbox and all!