Fodder And Son

Yellowstone National Park is famous for its geysers. It’s also the home of tame bears, who prey upon the visitor for food. A ranger puts up a warning sign: “Do Not Feed The Bear!” A father bear says to his son, “What are they trying to do, starve us?” The son replies, “We can eat berries.” Father says, “Berries are for the birds.” Hearing an auto approach, Father Bear says, “Here comes a free meal ticket; you just watch me.” Mussing himself up, he approaches the car for a handout and is given a large piece of cake. Turning to his son, he says, “That’s how you do it, son.” Another car draws near, filled with teenagers, so the bear does an Elvis Presley imitation and receives a bag of goodies. The next car contains Woody Woodpecker. He has the bear roll over, sit up and play dead, and then gives the bear a sandwich and a bottle of catsup. The catsup doesn’t pour easily, so the bear shakes it and smacks it, finally up-ending it to spill all over. The bear pulls Woody from the auto and reaches in for food. Woody puts a small bomb in the bear’s hand, which explodes in his face. Next, Woody puts hot pepper on a sandwich and, after swallowing it, the bear rushes to Old Faithful to cool his burning throat. As the bear drinks, the geyser erupts and carries him high into the air. Woody then puts a picnic lunch, a bag of food and a tent marked “Free Food” over Old Faithful. Each, in its turn, spells trouble for the bear. Finally, in desperation, the bear tries to stop the geyser by placing rocks over its mouth. When it again erupts, the gushing water roars out of a large hole in a tree against which the bear is leaning, and it sends him headlong into a ranger’s cabin. The ranger throws the bear out of the cabin, and he lands with a loud thump on the ground as a geyser explodes with a gush that carries the bear high into the air. As we fade out, the bear is gracefully reclining on the very top of the gushing water.