Foot Brawl

Charlie Beary, rummaging through a trunk in the attic, reminisces about his college football days. Chided by his wife for being “just the waterboy,” Charlie’s determined to prove his athletic prowess by coaching Junior in the finer points of gridiron play. In the course of instruction, Charlie gets hit in the face with the ball countless times, gets wound around his wife’s clothesline, and does a fine impression of a tackling dummy, nearly destroying his family’s outdoor barbecue grill in the process. Each failed attempt to prove his ability only spurs Charlie on, and he boasts to Junior that he can kick the football over the house. In trying to make good his brag, Charlie ends up in the chimney- and the doghouse as Mrs. Beary tires of hubby’s antics. Mischievous Junior, who’s enjoying watching Dad fall on his face, plays a mean trick by placing the football in front of a hydrant just before Charlie attempts to kick a field goal. In the final scene, we see Charlie seated in an easy chair, his broken foot resting on a hassock, enjoying a game on television: “This is the only way to enjoy a football game- watching.” Just then, Junior, who’s outside practicing, punts a ball through the living room window, smashing the television screen. Mrs. Beary enters, blames poor Charlie for the damage, and clobbers him with her wash bucket for the fadeout.