Fowled Up Falcon

The history of falconry is turned upside-down when Woody is the prey of a falcon bent on destroying him. Falcons make great hunters. All that you do is point out their prey. In medieval times, falconry was a sport enjoyed by those who had the patience to both capture a falcon and train it to hunt other birds. In this cartoon, a hunter points out a hummingbird to his falcon, but the falcon’s outwitted, and the hummingbird flies on its merry way. The falconer then sees a a woodpecker, who happens to be Woody, and instructs his falcon to bring Woody back, with disastrous results. The falcon carries his falconer with him; they strike a tree and fall to the ground. The falcon, now free, jets after Woody, who loses him in a cloud. The falcon strike a mountain peak and falls to Earth. Now the falconer’s really mad. He and his falcon try everything to land Woody, with no success whatever. Woody puts the falcon in a cannon and fires it back at its master. Then he blows up a big balloon that looks just like a woodpecker. The falcon attacks and bounces off. His master shoots the balloon, which explodes. At the end, Woody’s as free as a bird.