Frozen Assets

It is not only the money, that runs away with the water from the dam, but also Fenton. The Beagles get it all, and Scrooge is very furious at Fenton, but then he almost forgives him when he comes up with the idea to freeze the money, to ice (it still is in the water), but then Fenton is in trouble again, after using Scrooge’s lucky dime in a telephone booth, and he has to get it back, or he is fired. Fenton tries getting it from the phone company, but he is ten seconds to late to get it before it is taken to a bank, and when he gets to the bank, the Beagle boys rob the bank and Fenton has to get the dime back from them. First, he tries as himself, but they just beat him up, and then he tries disguised as “Bermunda Beagle”, a candy machine and the tooth fairy, but he is recognized and beaten up every time. At the same time, Gyro Gearloose has built a robot called GIUC2 to guard Scrooge’s bin, but he won’t even let Scrooge himself into the bin, and Gyro builds a new security guard, a Gizmo suit. Fenton wants to use it to get the dime back, and partly accidently becomes the super hero Gizmoduck. He goes back to the Beagles and eventually gets the bag of dimes and returns with the lucky dime to Scrooge, but there is a little problem: GUC2.