Full Metal Duck

Fenton, as Gizmoduck, has to defeat GUC2, but it is not that easy. Fenton still hasn’t learned to operate the Gizmoduck suit properly and he has lost the instruction book Gyro gave him. Finally, he presses all his buttons and destroys GUC2 and gets the job as Scrooge’s security guard. Fenton’s television-addicted mother (with whom he lives in a trailer in the Duckburg slum) discovers that the infrared radiation from her TV remote control gets the Gizmoduck suit off, and finally, they discover that you get the suit on by saying “blatherskites.” Fenton saves the nephews and some others from being held hostage by the Beagle boys in the Duckburg statue. Ma Beagle is not pleased with having someone so good at catching her boys but then she finds the Gizmoduck instruction book and her smartest son builds a Gizmoduck remote control, and Fenton/Gizmoduck is forced to become their crime slave. Suddenly, people don’t like Gizmoduck. Finally, he even has to steal the money bin.