Money to Burn

The bin is in the water, and many people want to get all that dough. So Scrooge, Gizmoduck and Launchpad go down in a submarine and find the bin. The Beagles are close to getting it too, but that is not the worst thing going on here! Alien robots want the metal of the coins in the bin to make new robots and steal the bin. Gizmoduck, Scrooge and Launchpad follow them to their planet, but they are discovered and eventually, Fenton/Gizmoduck and Scrooge are taken to the Master Electronical Leader, abbreviated MEL. MEL considers “the non-robotic units” inferior. When Gizmoduck stupidly enough confesses that there is a person inside the suit, MEL strips him and Fenton appears. MEL wants to turn Fenton and Scrooge into lubrication grease, but Fenton escapes at the same time as Scrooge finds out that Launchpad is to face the same fate as him. Fenton returns to MEL and challenges him to a duel, which he gets when MEL hears how Fenton can talk. Fenton can count faster than MEL, and it is too much for MEL’s pride that a non-robotic unit is better than a computer at counting, and he bursts. Fenton says “Blabbering blatherskites” and becomes Gizmoduck and saves Scrooge, Launchpad and the money bin. Back down at Earth, he finds out that he can work for Scrooge as his accountant as himself and as his security guard as Gizmoduck. He also manages to make his TV addict mother get out of her curlers for the only time to our knowledge and get a date with Gandra Dee.