Going! Going! Gosh!

Wile E. Coyote fires an arrow from a bow, but the explosive arrow stays. He tries to fire himself with a giant slingshot, but it snaps out of the ground and goes backward into him. He covers the road with quick-drying cement, which is splattered over him by the Road Runner. A boulder rolls over top of the cover that the manhole is under before he can throw a grenade. The Road Runner won’t fall for his “Southern Belle” disguises because he already has a date. The Road Runner runs through the trick painting of a bridge where the bridge is really out. A truck comes out of it, but it tears like a canvas when the coyote tries it. The earth-shattering boulder that Wile E. tries to roll on the bird travels the circuitous mountain ledges back to him instead. The anvil that he drops from his makeshift balloon (holding a street cleaner’s wagon) causes the craft to jerk upward and lose its gas. On hurling a javelin at the bird, the coyote goes straight into a beep-beeping truck- with the Road Runner at the wheel.