The Hare-Brained Hypnotist

Elmer walks in the woods reading a book called “Stalking Wild Game.” A bear knocks him down. Elmer hypnotizes it, convincing the bear that it’s a canary, and the bear flies away. He then meets Bugs, and starts trying to hypnotize him. Bugs gives Elmer a balloon which carries him into the sky (past the canary-bear), and then offers to catch Elmer when he falls- in a basket which turns out to be bottomless. Elmer chases Bugs to his hole. They have a tug-of-war with the rifle. Elmer starts to cry, “How can I hypnotize you when you won’t cooperate?!” Bugs agrees to be a sport and hypnotizes Elmer into thinking that he’s a rabbit. Elmer starts acting wacky and resumes the rifle tug-of-war. Bugs says, “Hey, who’s the comedian in this picture?” They then have a hypnotism battle. Elmer scampers away. Bugs takes off, saying, “Sorry, I’m due at the airport, I’m a B-19!”