Hello Nice Warners / La Behemoth / Little Old Slappy from Pasadena

(1.) While running away from Ralph, the Warners get hired by a Jerry Lewis-based control-obsessed comedy director for his movie, leading to a clash of comedic styles. Soon, the Warners end up directing, giving the director the worst day of his life. (2.) First Hip Hippos short. When Flavio and Marita’s giraffe maid quits over a misunderstanding, the Hip Hippos are forced to do their own housework with disastrous results. This is an opera episode in which the title was based on La bohème. (3.) To the famous Jan and Dean song, Slappy speedily drives her brand new car all over town in order to deliver a letter. The second Slappy Squirrel cartoon to feature a Road-Runner and Wile. E. Coyote cameo.