Hold That Rock

Balancing Rock Canyon, were it not in a cartoon, might well be considered the eighth wonder of the world, for it indeed houses a rare phenomenon. Huge rocks of inestimable weight balance precariously on stalactite formations, which look like nothing more or less than elongated toothpicks. It’s the duty of the park’s caretaker (a giant dog) to watch over the rocks and see that nothing happens to disturb their equilibrium. It’s a job fraught with peril and responsibility, for the slightest sound or movement might cause enough vibration to shake the rocks and start them hurtling earthward. In order to maintain these freak formations intact, no visitors or persons of any kind are allowed on the premises. It’s a startled caretaker, therefore, who hears a knock on his door one morning. Without waiting to greet his visitor, the dog quiets the rocks. He then returns and warns the trespasser not to make the slightest sound. The unwelcome visitor is Chilly Willy, a salesman for a novelty company which manufactures a complete line of noisemakers, jokes and gags. Paying no attention to the frantic caretaker, Chilly proceeds to demonstrate a trick firecracker, a boomerang brick, a battery for use in shaking hands, and a trick gun which, instead of exploding, shoots forth a little flag with the word “bang” emblazoned on it. Each new demonstration starts the rocks shaking more violently than before, and it appears to be but a matter of moments before they all fall, but with a supreme effort, the dog manages to stop their motion and get rid- he thinks- of Chilly. With peace and quiet once more restored, the dog gets a log and lays it on his fireplace. Chilly sneaks out of the log and sets up a trick phone, which starts to ring. The dog answers and is greeted by an appealing, feminine voice, then loud music, and finally an explosion. Rushing out to save his rocks, the dog is too late, and he’s soon buried under an avalanche of stone.