Kiddie Koncert

The School Orchestra, led by Prof. Wally Walrus, is giving a concert, featuring a performance of the overture to “Morning, Noon and Night in Vienna,” by Franz von Suppe. A noisy hippo spectator is quite relieved when Wally pulls a frog out of his throat. Chickens, penguins, pigs, turtles, seals, a sad bloodhound who almost scuttles the place in tears, worms, a skunk playing through a hole in the wall from outside, a pelican, a beaver, a baby elephant- all give sterling performances on their various and sometimes novel instruments. The ostrich swallows his, but that doesn’t affect his playing any. A giraffe has to sit in the orchestra to see from the balcony. A centipede plays five violins, while a dog drummer knits socks with his drumsticks. A pig chewing bubble gum gets Wally so thoroughly wound up in his work- and the bubble gum- that he loses his dress suit and finishes the concert looking like a fly caught in a spider web.