Kiddie League

The final (and championship) baseball game of the Kiddie League pits pitcher Woody Woodpecker and his team (the Woody Woodpeckers) against a zany team, the Bubble Gummers. The game begins with the Bubble Gummers at bat and Woody pitching. A little tyke wearing diapers is first up. Before batting, he gulps down a bottle of milk for strength. The first ball is called a strike. A bottle hits the umpire on the head. In the altercation that follows, the large spectator who threw the bottle is amply taken care of by the small umpire. With plenty of action, the first inning ends with no score. And so- to the ninth inning- still no score. With Dooley pitching, Woody hits the first ball clear out of the ballpark. Dooley catches it, leaning far out on the end of a flagpole, which breaks just as the catch is made. He disappears as the umpire, looking through a telescope, calls it foul ball. The game ends in a riot as cushions, bottles, etc. are hurled at the umpire, and the spectators enter into a free-for-all melee. The picture ends with the broadcaster trying to explain things as bottles and cushions whiz around his microphone.