This Is a Life?

In a parody of 1952’s This is Your Life, Elmer Fudd (aping Ralph Edwards) is the host and Bugs Bunny is the guest of honor, much to the disgust of Daffy Duck. On several occasions, Granny whacks Daffy over the head with her umbrella to keep him quiet. Meanwhile, Bugs reminisces with Elmer and Yosemite Sam about their previous encounters (reviewed via footage from past Bugs Bunny cartoons A Hare Grows in Manhattan, Buccaneer Bunny, and Hare Do). Elmer and Sam plan to present Bugs with a special gift — a time bomb — in appreciation of their “friendship,” but Daffy — stubbornly refusing to believe that he was not the guest — grabs the gift (“I really deserve it!”), and takes the resulting explosion. Naturally, Daffy ends up telling Bugs: “You’re… You’re… You’re despicable”, then leaves.