Little Red Riding Rabbit

In this wartime version of the story, a bobby-soxer Red Riding Hood is taking a little bunny (you know who) to Grandma. So the wolf sneaks ahead of her to Grandma’s, where he finds a note saying that Grandma is off working the swing shift at Lockheed: “P.S. Leave rabbit under door.” The wolf goes in, dresses like Grandma, and about four other wolves are already waiting in Grandma’s bed dressed like Grandma. He runs them off. A very annoying Red comes in and, in an incredibly obnoxious voice, hollers, “Hey, Grandma, I brought a little bunny rabbit for you… ta have!” The wolf rushes Red out, but she comes back, yelling, “That’s an awfully big nose for you… ta have!” She’s thrown out. Then she yells, “What big ears ya got!” The wolf chases Bugs around the house. Eventually, Bugs points out to the wolf places where he might be hiding. And he’s actually in one of them. Bugs hides under the wolf’s nightgown and treats his bottom to some hot coals. The wolf goes up in the air, landing with his legs on a chair and table across a gap with hot coals below. Bugs keeps piling tons of stuff in the wolf’s arms (forcing him down onto the coals) when Red comes back hollering, and Bugs switches out Red and the wolf.