Little Red Walking Hood

A 1930s updated version of this classic tale, with the playboy wolf driving a slick car. Red (a caricature of Bette Davis) walks past a pool hall. The wolf sees her and pursues, but Red is oblivious to his come-ons. The wolf shortcuts to Granny’s house; when Red arrives, Granny lets the wolf dress up and attack. The action pauses for a phone call (Granny places her grocery order, including a case of gin), with the wolf complaining “Oh, come on Grandma!”, and Egghead meanders along. He pops up all through the picture, walking through locked doors, etc. There are some late arrivals. Eventually, the wolf asks Egghead who he is and why he is in the picture, and Egghead says “I’m the hero!” and saves Red from the wolf.