Mackerel Moocher

Chilly Willy’s on a wharf fishing, using his accordion as a sea bag. As he catches a fish, he puts it in the sea bag. A large pelican comes up behind Chilly and gobbles up each fish as fast as it’s caught. Chilly looks in his bag, finds it empty, and does a slow burn. When he next throws out his line, he hooks a large boot and, as usual, the pelican grab it, but has rather a rough time swallowing it. Chilly continues to fish, and the next time that he catches one, he fills it with pepper and then deliberately allows the pelican to swallow it. The pelican chokes on the pepper-filled fish and zooms to the water to relieve the burning sensation. Next, Chilly uses an anvil-shaped mooring cleat painted like a fish in an endeavor to get rid of the pelican. The pelican takes it in his large bill and immediately sinks to the bottom of the ocean, where he expels it.