Mickey’s Garden

Mickey’s garden is being invaded by insects. Mickey, in an attempt to get rid of them, uses insecticide, but it eventually runs out, and the insects are able to continue eating. Mickey goes back and attempts to make some more insecticide. The insects return and resume eating all the food in the the garden. Mickey comes back and tries to poison the bugs, but the pump is blocked and Mickey tries to unblock it. At the same time, Pluto is chasing a bug. In the process, he get his head stuck inside a pumpkin. He runs about it with the pumpkin on his head and bumps into Mickey, making him get hit by his own bug spray. Mickey finds himself in an imaginary world where he and Pluto have shrunk and the bugs are giants. The bugs proceed to drink the insecticide, and start chasing Mickey and Pluto (who has gotten loose from the now-giant pumpkin), eventually ending with Pluto getting swallowed by a hiccuping firefly and Mickey wrestling a worm. Eventually Mickey wakes up and discovers, much to his delight, that the Worm he was wrestling was really his hose. Pluto manages to break free from the pumpkin and catapults it onto Mickey by accident.