Mouse-Placed Kitten

An amusing story of a pair of mice who find an infant kitten at their doorstep. Dropped in a sack out of a car, a kitten rolls down a hill to arrive at the door of Clyde and Matilda Mouse. Matilda thinks that the abandoned kitten is heaven-sent, and she wants to adopt him. Clyde reluctantly agrees. They attempt to raise the kitten as their own, but the huge feline is too big for them to handle. They take him to the doorstep of a nearby farmhouse, where he’s adopted and raised to become a “mouser” by his owner. A year goes by. “Ma” and “Pa” mouse visit their grown-up cat, who welcomes them into the home, but who must pretend to be catching them in front of his mistress. Some funny episodes ensue as the cat tries to shield his “folks” from harm in the house!