Panhandle Scandal

Dapper Dan Dooley, a bandit with a price on his head, approaches the town of Rigor Mortis, Texas and sees a sign, “No Bandits Allowed,” signed by “Woody Woodpecker, Marshal.” He stops and asks a peon where he can find the marshal. The peon replies, “You mean the one with the red hair, the big nose, who goes ‘Ha-Ha-Ha-Ha-Ha’?” The bandit says, “That’s him.” The peon replies, “I don’t know.” A disgusted patron runs to the marshal’s office for help, and soon, outside the swinging doors, appear two long legs in cowboy boots. The bandit sees this, turns chicken, and finds that the legs he saw are those of Woody on stilts. In the final sequence, with Dapper Dan and the peon on a handcar running head-on into an engine, the peon jumps unharmed, but the bandit is really shaken up. Tapping the peon on the head, he asks, “What happened to that woodpecker?” The peon takes off his hat, false face and short, and it’s Woody Woodpecker who now has the bandit securely tied up so that he can cause no more harm or trouble.