Pantry Panic

In a peaceful bird village in the heart of the forest, a weatherman, Professor Groundhog, predicts a terrible cold front. He reports a storm warning that a blizzard is coming, and that all birds are to go south immediately. The birds close their houses and start leaving. Seeing the birds flying away, Woody Woodpecker asks why, and he’s told of the coming storm. Enjoying himself in a swimming pool, Woody doesn’t pay any attention. Suddenly, a blizzard hits. Woody’s caught in midair as he makes a dive, and he’s blown right to his door and into the house. Weeks later, Woody runs out of food- a roaring wind takes all his rations- and starvation stares him in the face. A hungry tomcat knocks at his door, and Woody lets him in. Each eyes the other as a source of food: visions of roast woodpecker to the cat, roast cat to Woody. A battle of wits ensues as to who shall feed on whom. There’s a wild riot in the kitchen for a morsel of food. Woody and the cat try to eat each other for supper. Woody slams the oven door on the cat and tries for a feline fricassee. The cat escapes, but a moose staggers in. Woody and the tomcat team up to go after the moose! In the evening, Woody and the cat, sitting beside a pile of bones with a moose head hanging on a tree behind them, are licking their chops, each eyeing the other hungrily as we iris out.